Incorporating special effects into your event production is a great way to engage with your guests and give a dramatic effect to your event. Special effects can help set the mood for the event, whether it’s during the day or night.

Our Maniac II was designed for creative stage lighting designers who want a unique and spectacular special effects show; it’s fast, it’s vibrant, and it’s powerful. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland effect, then our Little Blizzard Professional or Standard Series is the must have machine to create stunning snow. The Little Blizzard Snow Machine is the industry standard, and creates the most realistic, gentle drifting snow, or amazing blizzards. For other special effects, we also have Fog Machines to create a beautiful atmospheric effect, Confetti and Streamers to pump up the crowd, or Bubble and Foam Machines for that unexpected touch of fun.

Whatever effect you’re going for to WOW the crowd and get people out of their seats, you’ll be able to create unforgettable moments with all the amazing special effects products we have to choose from!

View our line-up of special effects equipment:

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