CITC’s SmartFog™ is the healthiest fog available for your performers and your audience. SmartFog has undergone water purification technology (reverse osmosis), and has organic, pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved ingredients. Made in U.S.A.

Customer Testimonials

“In show business timing is everything. To have the ability to release fog that is synced up with the timeline of the show is immeasurable. The applications really have no limits. From a mysterious fog covering to a quick burst having the right balance of smoke and dissipation is key to ensuring the show stays on schedule. Innovating an everyday existing product like fog just shows how our industry is ever evolving.” Evan Weissman, President, 
Angstrom Lighting & Production

“As an independent film and Haunted House set designer, the use of a timed fog is beneficial to shooting scenes. Sometimes with regular fog juices, it tends to hang around longer or not long enough for a scene that can be aggravating when trying to capture a certain look for a film. With timed fog, I would be able to use the needed fog for a scene and reduce waiting time and cost for wasted fog juice.” Alan White, G&R Props

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