FOG Machines

CITC offers three types of fog machines, and all have very unique and powerful features.

Chosen for movies such as “Ladder 49,” where dependable fog machines were the most cost effective, user friendly smoke effect, FogMax™ proved to be an excellent choice. No other comparable machine delivers a thicker, whiter output of 30,000 cfm (.85 cu.m per minute) of digitally controlled fog. CITC’s FogMax™ boasts a non-clogging head and can produce longer on high than the stiffest competition.

Brought to you exclusively by CITC, the Maniac™ is the most spectacular, spellbinding fog machine you’ve ever seen. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it’s quite possibly the most exciting piece of special effects equipment since the original snow machine, the CITC Little Blizzard®.

CITC offers two types of fog machines, and all have very unique and powerful features that rival the competition!

As an entertainment professional, you know there are so many moving parts to putting on a production. You don’t want to worry about anything that can cause the show to go from WOW to a major foul – especially your fog effects because they’re one of the most important aspects of a show.

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