Bubble Defender™ R-Series



Elevating Professional Bubble Effects


Bid Farewell to the era of basic bubble machines with open pans of fluid, children’s wands, and feeble fans.


The Bubble Defender R-Series is our premier DMX controllable Bubble machine, frequently used in 4D theaters and amusement parks. This bubble machine uses a nozzle-pipe delivery system which protects each bubble from the disturbance of the machine parts and each other, allowing more of them to be released into the desired area. One tank provides for over 2 hours of continuous bubble output.

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  • Direct Fluid Access – Our innovative system draws bubble fluid directly from the bottle, eliminating the mess and inconvenience.
  • Double the Bubbles – Dual nozzles meticulously disperse bubble fluid, creating an enchanting spectacle of iridescent bubbles.
  • Exceptional Fan Control – Dual fans featuring adjustable angles and speed control, bubbles can soar up to 25ft without the need for an extra effect fan.
  • Fast Set Up – Dedicated handles, secure hang points, and sturdy rubberized feet ensure seamless operation.
  • Effortless Precision – An onboard LCD panel with timers, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections. Perfect for theater, theme parks, and live events.
  • Easy Clean Up – The only bubble machine that reclaims unused bubble fluid back into the bottle! Run water to cleanse the wands & tubing.

Machine Weight 38.6 lbs. (17.5kg)
Dimensions (Machine Only) 15.3” x 10.7” x 16.8” (388 x 271 x 427.5 mm)
Shipping Weight 43 lbs. (19.5.4kg)
Shipping Dimensions 19.7” x 15.2” x 19.7” (500 x 385 x 500 mm)
DMX 1. 0-9 OFF. 10-255 Variable Output
Electrical Supply 120 VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz 220-240VAC, 1A, 50/60Hz
Fan Speed Variable, 1-100%
Limited Warranty One Year
Bubble Size 1.25” – 3” (3cm – 8cm)
Bubble Distance 15’ – 30’ (4.5m – 10m)
Bubble Height 13-15’ (4.5m)
Fluid Capacity 101 oz. (3L)
Consumption Approx 32 oz. / hour. Approx 1L / 60 min.
Bubble Fluid CITC Bubble Science Formula #150815 CITC
Extreme Bubble Fluid #150825

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