The Maniac II™ was designed for creative stage lighting designers wanting a unique, spectacular stage effect – it’s fast, it’s vibrant, and it’s powerful! This machines is used best in Musical Performances, Nightclubs and Bars, Stadiums, Arenas.

Even with DMX, the Maniac II was built as a stand-alone unit (meaning it does not need to be connected to DMX). The Maniac II has 24 LED lights as well as quick disconnects for the fluid tubing. Contact us to learn more.

The 15 second SmartFog is the best fluid to use in the Maniac II. View the SmartFog fluid here.

Download the Maniac II product flyer.

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  • 15 Second SmartFog creates cryogenic or fire effects
  • Fully automated moving head
  • 24 LED lights
  • 10 DMX channels
  • Adjustable output and speed
  • Instant stop technology
  • Strobe, dim, mix colors
  • Mount upright or upside down
  • Multi-Function Controller allows use without DMX, including sound activation

Dimensions 19" x 18" x 22" (48.5 cm x 44 cm x 55.5 cm)
Fog Output 20,000 ft³/min
DMX Channels 1-Fog volume, 2-red, 3-green, 4-blue, 5-amber, 6-color mixing, 7-strobe, 8-master dimmer, 9-pan, 10-tilt
LED Lamps 5W RGBA x 24 (6 of each color)
Sound Active With optional Multi-Function Controller
Pan 540° Approximately 2 sec
Tilt 270° In about 3/4 of a sec
Weight (Net / Gross) 39 lbs. (17.5 kg) / 56 lbs. (21.2 kg)
Fluid Type SmartFog Fluid
Fluid Capacity 1.31 qt. (1.2 L)
120vac #100122
120vac, w/ Controller #100124
230vac #100123
230vac, w/ Controller #100125