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SnoBiz™ from CITC is the industry leader in both realism and safety, providing you and your guests the ideal winter wonderland experience.

  • REALISM: Achieve an authentic winter ambiance, independent of location, climate or weather. Ideal for film sets, theater productions, photography sessions, and themed events.
  • TACTILE FEEDBACK: Heighten the sense of realism and create unique photo opportunities as guests safely interact with the snow.
  • IMMERSIVE DECOR: Effortlessly bring the winter spirit to life in various event elements like centerpieces, retail displays, and scene backdrops.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AUDIENCES: Non-toxic and 100% environmentally safe. Toxicological tests performed to guarantee safety.
  • LONG-LASTING, LOW MAINTENANCE: Create a consistent and persistent winter setting that requires minimal maintenance. The natural, organic snow dissolves in water, can be composted, or included in any available waste disposal stream.