CITC consistently leads the industry, creating unique and exciting special effects equipment.  Headed up by entrepreneur, Gary Crawford, who was also a special effects coordinator for 25 years for the motionpicture industry, CITC continues to amaze even the most jaded of theatrical designers.  CITC’s “Cool Stuff That’s Show Tuff!” boasts many “firsts” in its theatrical history.

CITC was the first company ever to win an award at LDI for Best Atmospheric Effect for their biodegradable product, SnoBiz. They were the first U.S.A. company to create a theatrical snow machine that made evaporating snow, the Little Blizzard, and the first to make a quiet snow machine, the Quiet Cube. CITC made the first patented foam machine, the Super Foam Dome, and the first ever, award-winning haze machine, the AquaMax.  CITC is also credited for making the first confetti launcher that didn’t need CO2, the ShotMax.

Almost all products shown on this website are created in the U.S.A., however, CITC has recently expanded into being an exclusive distributor for other international manufacturers, assisting in the creation and improvement of new effects equipment. CITC is also the first company to offer "timed" SmartFog fluids.

Some of the films Gary worked on include:

  • E.T.
  • 2010: A Space Odyssey
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Friday the 13th, Part VI
  • Poltergeist,

to name just a few


Some productions, events, amusement parks, and groups which have used our products are: "The Hateful 8", "The Grinch", "Lord of the Rings", "The Patriot", "Snow Falling On Cedars", "Cider House Rules", "Santa Claus II", "Harry Potter", "Snow Dogs", "The Hunted", the Bon Jovi Tour 2003, the Dave Matthews Band, the Dixie Chicks, Cirque Du Soleil, Stars on Ice, Walt Disney World, Knotts Berry Farm, Legoland, Sea World, New York stage and theatres around the world. A list of productions can be viewed by clicking on the "Clients" button at the top of this page.


CITC’s products are unique in durability, performance and added features included with each unit. CITC fluids are well known for having the least amount of irritation of any similar product on the market today. All our products are thoroughly tested and all come with a limited warranty. Many products have been designed specifically for the needs of a particular production.


CITC is a Value Based Business, committed to supporting our dealers by referring leads from their area to them, providing them with literature, specifications, SDS sheets, drop shipping and export documentation when needed as well as design and troubleshooting assistance. Customer satisfaction is our main goal at CITC, and we will continue to create innovative products to make your event or your customer's event the most exciting one ever.