Consider our newest professional grade haze machines, the XH-Series.

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The award-winning AquaMax haze machine is the health conscious professionals choice, with a 2-channel DMX control for fan speed and haze output. CITC has created a unique technology that will allow for long-lasting, water-based, 100% certified organic haze without the residue associated with oil-based hazers. The AquaMax has built in fans to help spread the healthiest haze on earth, while remaining extremely conservative on fluid usage. This machine produces the smallest particles, which makes it extremely dry. Made in the USA.

Product Flyer:

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Testimonial from user:

“There are many events where the use of oil-based haze just isn’t possible because of video projection. And, up until now, we have not found a water-based haze equal to oil–the AquaMax has changed that! It has great output, uses very little fluid, and produces a long-lasting even haze. It was so nice to be able to tell people who had concerns about haze that it was completely odorless and 100% organic. I didn’t think all this was possible with water-based haze but CITC did it!” Troy A. Gwin, CTS, ACS Sound and Lighting

“Thank YOU again for sending the Aqua Max. It was so well received. I still can’t believe how odor-free it was and the haze was so natural and evenly distributed.” Cameron, Davis Entertainment

“I want to say that the AquaMax is a great product. I was extremely impressed about the quality. I have yet to find a hazer so even with such a long hang time and no residue at that. We own a Little Blizzard and enjoy that product as well. We are sure to make a purchase in the future when the time is right.” Brandon B., Production Associate, Savannah Christian Church

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  • Actor’s Equity allowed
  • 2 Channel DMX
  • Variable fan speed on DMX
  • Long lasting 1-2+ hour hang time
  • Delivers 100% Organic Haze
  • As low as 4oz. per hour
  • Digital display
  • Residue free (smallest particles to date)
  • CE Approved

Dimensions 21" x 13" x 12" (53 cm x 33 cm x 30 cm)
Weight 36 lbs. (16 kg)
Ship Weight 42 lbs. (19 kg)
Ship Dimensions 25" x 17" x 17" (64 cm X 43 cm X 43 cm)
Controls (2) DMX & Remote Cycle Timer
DMX 2 channel, 0-100% Volume Control; 2-speed fan (speed via remote and DMX)
Warm-Up Time 6 minutes
Wattage 1200w
Haze Volume 10,000 CFM, (evenly dispersed)
Hang Time Up to 2 hours
Fluid CITC Organic Haze fluid
Electrical Supply 120VAC 10A 60Hz (230v 5A 50Hz)
Limited Warranty 1 year
100vac available
120vac #100059
230vac #100060