The FogMax™ is the premier professional fog machine, and has been used in many movies where dynamic, dependable fog machines were needed to make a great production. No other comparable machine delivers a continuous thicker, whiter fog output of 30,000 cfm (.85 m3). CITC’s FogMax can produce longer on maximum output than our competition. It has a very quiet pump with a 1500-watt heating head, a 1 channel DMX on board, remote control cycle timer and hanging bracket. With safety in mind, the FogMax has three safety checks, including a circuit breaker reset button. Manufactured in the U.S.A. 

Any of our SmartFog fluids are used for the FogMax. View the SmartFog fluids here.

Download the FogMax product flyer.

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  • Continuous output with no shutdown
  • Timed output with SmartFog fluids
  • 1 Channel DMX on board
  • Includes remote control cycle timer & hanging bracket

Weight 26 lbs. (12 kg)
Dimensions 22" x 9" x 11" (56 cm x 23 cm x 28 cm)
Shipping Weight 33 lbs. (15 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 26" x 13" x 16" (66 cm x 33 cm x 41 cm)
DMX Built in 1-channel DMX
CITC SmartFog Fluid (all water-based): 45 Minute Long-Lasting P/N 150450
25 Minute Regular P/N 150410
15 Minute Fog-It P/N 150411
3 Minute Low-Ground P/N 150490
Warm-Up Time 10-12 minutes
Continuous Fog Runs continuously without shutdown
Heating Unit 1500 watts
Electrical Supply 120VAC 15A 60Hz (230V 8A 50Hz)
Breaker 120VAC 15A, 230VAC 7A
Limited Warranty 1 year