The Bubble Max X2™ System creates incredible amounts of large and small bubbles at a conservative price. Choose both wands for maximum output or turn one off to conserve fluid. Extremely simple to use with no set-up required!

We also have the revolutionary Bubble Max X2 Auto-fill™ enables you to continuously produce bubbles for days, weeks or months without the labor of having to fill every few hours. Just connect to a 5 gallon cubitainer or a 55 gallon drum.

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  • Easy to use on/off button & control over one or both wand outputs
  • Easy to clean and maintain fluid try in front
  • Smart bottle & refill rear tank controls fluid from overfilling or spilling
  • Solid fixed hanging bracket
  • Light weight, easy to move and place
  • Incredible bubble output, mass amounts of bubbles

120v #100218
230v #100219