The Mistifyer provides endless possibilities for fog,  haze, or steam.  The system enables techs to control  the H20 effect exactly when and where they need it at the precise moment they need it.

With the Anti-Drip feature, all the nozzles quietly come on at the same time and shut off at the same time, without a drip.  It is available in various lengths and nozzle sizes,  depending on the needs of the project. Each nozzle is  capable of swiveling 360° to be able to point it in the direction you want. Attaching it to a DMX controller, allows for the ability to start and stop the action on cue.

When the nozzles are set at a 45 degree angle, the  mist can reach out as far as 10’ (3m).  The droplets  are extremely small and stay dry unless the humidity climbs higher than about, 75%. This is a clear advantage when it comes to protecting  electrical equipment.

This unit is also portable, so you can set up and tear down in less than an hour. There are no heavy metal pieces,  and no  plumbers are needed to put it together. The assembly  is simple and easy,  just like that of a Tinker toy.

If you layout your pattern and find you need more nozzles in another spot, it’s easy to cut the black nylon tubing with the included cutter, add a 3-way manifold adapter, and start another line of nozzles in another direction without taking the entire unit apart.

One great effect is to line up all of the nozzles in a straight line, point them straight down, and turn the system ‘ON and OFF’ at will. This creates a cloud effect. You can ripple the clouds by adding various colored lights at different heights and the bursts of “clouds” will continuously change color for an awesome effect. If the lights are changing colors between clouds, each cloud looks completely new.

One tech experimented with using the down draft created by the falling mist and added fog above. Normal fog rises due to the heat, but it was pulled downward drawing the fog into motion and creating an awesome fog effect.

Layout your pattern and submit it to CITC for a custom  consultation on all the things that are possible with the Mistifyer Systems. Designing mist, fog, or clouds has never been so easy or so fun.