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The Polar Controller eliminates the need for CO2, dry ice, or separate fog machines. This refrigerated system can create an incredible 7000 cfm (198 cu. ft. per minute) of thick, white, dry, low-ground fog after a short 5-10 minute warm-up. Just add Chiller Tubes and fluid. Chiller Tubes are included with the Polar Controller, resulting in a directional, lower, and colder fog.


  • EZ-Operation, Self-Contained Unit.
  • No CO2, Ice, or Nitrogen Needed
  • No Separate Fog machine Needed
  • Very low, white, thick fog
  • Fog is extremely dry
  • No residue on floor
  • “Direct and Cool” Chiller Tubes
  • 2 channel DMX
  • Two Remotes


Dims include fogger: 40" x 24" x 20"h (102cm x 61cm x 51cmh)
Weight: 197 lbs. (89kg.)
Voltage: 2x 120vac, 60 hz, 10a #100101 or
2x 230vac, 50 hz, 8a #100106
Type of Fog: Refrigerated thick, white, dry, low-ground fog
Includes: 2 pcs 25’ remote control with On/Off for each refrigeration/fog
DMX: Built in DMX, 2 channel, 5-pin XLR
Fluid: CITC 3 Minute Low Ground SmartFog P/N 150490
Warm Up Time: 5-10 minutes
Continuous Fog: Up to 120 minutes at a time
Fog Heating Unit: 1500w continuous output w/new accelerator fan
Refrigeration Unit: 1200w
Circuit Breaker: 2-250vac, 15a
Limited warranty: one year with CITC fluids
Hoses: Includes connection adapter & 2 lengths of 5" x 8' chiller hose