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Super, strong fog output is sensational.  Intensive multi-color LED lights are dazzling.  Rotating moving heads are thrilling.  The new Maniac delivers all three.  It is a sensational, dazzling, and thrilling piece of equipment that will make even the most jaded of professionals stand and applaud its performance.  Maniac has 10 groups of 8W, RGBA Quad LED lights, rapid movement, rapid color change, strobe, instant stop, adjustable fog output, and anti-drip technology.  The yoke has a 540 degree pan and the head has a 260 degree tilt.   Maniac can be hung or placed on the floor. The LED lights can be used with or without the fog.  Several units can be synchronized together to make Maniac magic.


  • All in one: Fog/LED Lights/Moveable Head
  • 10 groups of 8W, RGBA Quad LED lights
  • Rapid Movement and Color Change
  • Full 540° pan rotation in approximately 2 seconds
  • Complete 270° tilt range in about ¾ second
  • Strobe, Instant Stop, Tilt and Swivel
  • Adjustable Fog Output / Anti-drip
  • Hang or Place on Floor
  • Synchronize with Several Units


Weight: 43 lbs.
Dims: 19” x 18” x 22” (48.5cm x 44cm x 55.5cm)
Shipping Weight: 56 lbs. (25.5 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 22" X 22" X 24" (56 X 56 X 61cm)
Electrical: 120vac 15A 60 hz; or 230vac 8A, 50/60 hz
Watts: 1600
Pre-heating: Approximately 5 minutes
Run Time on 100% = 13 sec. blast every 26 sec.
Run Time on 50% = 16 sec. blast every 16 sec.
(less run time if doesn’t have a full 50 seconds to warm up)
Output: 20,000 cfm
Tank: 1.4 quarts
Controls: 10 channel DMX and
Wireless remote
Fluid: CITC SmartFog fluids
Limited Warranty: 1 year
CE Approved